Resources for Independent Insurance Agents

Now that you’re an independent insurance agent, you’re wearing many hats. You manage polices, develop growth strategies, and handle all the backend business tasks. And though it may seem like you’re going it alone, Insureon Solutions is here to help.

Check out our insurance agent resources for guidance on:

  • Developing a business plan.
  • Marketing your agency.
  • Identifying and targeting potential clients.
  • Determining the appropriate insurance solutions for your customers.

Use the insights in our resources to work through management problems and make educated decisions about the future of your agency.

Insurance Agency Management Tips

Has it been a while since you’ve bound a general liability insurance policy? Are you a little rusty on marketing commercial lines?

While there's seldom an easy answer, you can turn to our insurance agency management tips for articles on everything from how to start an independent insurance agency to tips for getting access to quality carriers.

Insurance Guides by Industry

The last thing you want to do is to say no to a new client. But what if their industry isn't in your wheelhouse?

That's when you turn to Insureon Solutions' industry-specific coverage guides. Download any of our eBooks to get details on:

  • Government agency and industry organization statistics.
  • Key risk considerations for the industry.
  • Common classifications issues.
  • Policy suggestions for various businesses.

These guides come in handy when you want to keep prospects from heading to the competition. Better yet? Use them to target growing industries in your area.

Insurance Industry Blog

Our insurance industry blog review offers a fresh perspective on insurance agency practices and industry news. Updated each week, our blog provides independent agents with information they can use to lead their employees, frame their sales pitch, and connect with their clients.

Video Training Guides

View Insureon Solutions' Training Guides for step-by-step instructions on:

  • Locating the commission schedule.
  • Reviewing policy renewals.
  • Updating your agency information.
  • Archiving and assigning clients to users.
  • Signing up for the Real Rewards Cash Card.

Video training guides are only accessible to members.

Team Up with Our Partners

Running an independent insurance agency is tough. But whether you need help keeping the books or setting up an LLC, turn to Insureon Solutions' recommended partners for outstanding small business products and services. And be sure to share these links with your small business clients. They will appreciate it.

As long as you're sharing, be sure to pass these resources on to the rest of your team so you can ramp up your business and beat the competition.