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Access to Top-Rated Insurance Carriers

Join Insureon Solutions to quote quality products without the extra expense.

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How to Sell Insurance without Direct Appointments

Direct appointments are essential for your success, but they aren't easy to come by. Most insurance companies only appoint agencies that already have a good track record. Plus, they usually want a long-term commitment and guaranteed production.

Insureon Solutions has a better option. Once you join, you can start selling insurance products from top-rated insurance carriers with:

  • No production quotas.
  • No commitment to a long-term partnership.
  • No monthly or per-quote fees.

Partnering with Insureon Solutions lets you sell quality products and keep your independence.

Registration is easy. Simply…

  • Enter your agency details.
  • Submit your license and E&O information.

Once you've registered, you can use Insureon Solutions to:

  • Save money. One direct appointment can cost hundreds – even thousands – of dollars. Insureon Solutions gives you immediate access to top-rated carriers without the huge price tag.
  • Avoid minimum requirements. Insureon Solutions holds the direct appointment, so you don't have to worry about production quotas.
  • Strengthen your agency. Speed up your sales cycle when you use our universal application to quickly find multiple rates for clients.

Even better? There is no limit to the number of agents you can add to your profile. Everyone in your agency gets immediate access to our carriers. 

How to Use Insureon Solutions to Build Your Insurance Agency

Getting access to A.M. Best A-rated insurers means you can:

  • Sell policies that were once unattainable.
  • Use our online portal to streamline your book of business.
  • Give clients multiple alternatives for most policies.
  • Cover gaps in your current lines of business.

Don't wait to be appointed with an insurer. Sign up to start selling insurance from A-rated companies today.

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Online Client Management System for Insurance Agents

Track your renewals, endorsements, service requests, and commissions all in one place.

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Agency Management Made Simple

Running an independent insurance agency is tough. You’re building relationships with clients and filling out tons of forms all while managing your employees. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but there’s a better way to do it.

We’ve created a platform that cuts down the time spent on tedious management tasks. Insureon Solutions’ client management system makes it easy for independent agents to oversee everything from policy applications to client prospects. By joining Insureon Solutions, you get access to our agency management software. Use it to:

  • Track your business growth. View your revenue streams, receive renewal notifications, and get a heads-up when a client’s application is incomplete.
  • Manage the placement process. Putting your client data on one platform makes binding policies and completing service requests simple. You can even transfer existing business with our carriers to the Insureon Solutions platform.
  • Streamline your agency workflow. Your initial payment gives every agent access to a portal where they can track prospects and service clients. Hiring someone new? Add them to your account for no additional cost.

Client management software can give you more time to take care of the important stuff – like selling insurance. Our insurance client management software lets you bring together all your customer data in one place, keep tabs on clients, and share the workload with your team.

Save Time, Stress, and Money with Our Universal Application

Insureon Solutions' client management system includes a universal online application. Instead of contacting every firm or brokerage that might quote your risk, you submit your client's information just one time. That can help you…

  • Save time and paper. Our software walks you through questions tailored to clients’ specific risk. No more attaching extra forms and explaining missing information.
  • Compare quotes quickly. You fill out a single application to get rates from multiple carriers who cover your client’s industry.
  • Sell insurance. Clients want to know they're getting a good deal on their insurance. Showing them multiple offers gives them a chance to pick the cover that best suits their needs

Let’s talk more about how Insureon Solutions can support your agency. Contact a representative at [email protected]

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