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How to Market Your Independent Insurance Agency Online

How to Market Your Independent Insurance Agency Online

Tuesday, December 20, 2016/Marketing

According to Future One's 2016 Agency Universe Study, more independent insurance agents are going online when they want to promote their businesses. The biennial survey found that 56 percent of independent insurance agents used social media and digital marketing strategies in 2015. That's up from 48 percent in 2013.

But the study also showed that 57 percent listed "marketing their agency effectively online" among their top three technological challenges. And that number jumps to 63 percent for small agencies.

Jumping into online marketing can make you feel like you're hitting the road without a map, in part because there are so many ways you can go. Rather than get overwhelmed, review these tips on how to market your insurance agency online.

1. Choose Social Media Platforms Wisely

Successful social media strategies usually start with picking the platforms where your target audience lives. For instance, if commercial lines are your bread and butter, you may want to be active on a site like LinkedIn. If you're going after millennials, maybe a Twitter account is the smarter move.

Whatever you do, start with only one or two platforms. Consistency is essential to maintaining online engagement, and keeping up with multiple accounts may take more attention than its worth.

The takeaway: Don't spread yourself thin across too many social media accounts. Invest your time in one or two platforms where you can find your target audience.

2. Develop Content to Share

Most digital marketing professionals will tell you that updating or publishing fresh content is one of the best ways to keep it ranking well. Basically, fresh content tells Google that your site is active and potentially valuable to visitors.

A weekly blog is one way to add content, but you might also consider…

  • Hosting a webinar.
  • Adding landing pages for your products.
  • Posting informative videos.
  • Announcing agency awards.

As you create new content, be sure to share it with your potential clients.

The takeaway: Quality content keeps your agency website ranking in search results, plus it gives you something to share on social media and in your agency's e-newsletter.

Learn how to call attention to your website in "."

3. Get Listed in Online Directories

Chances are you're already aware of many of the major online directories, such as…

But you might also want to investigate local online directories. Many cities and counties have them, as do local chambers of commerce. Additionally, you can search the web for industry-specific directories.

We do have two warnings about online directories:

  1. Make sure your agency's contact information is consistent. Your website and directory listing need to match or it can hurt your search ranking.
  2. Be picky about which directories you join. Sites that look spammy, require a fee, or have bad links on them may not be worth your time.

The takeaway: Getting your business listed in online directories makes it easier for your audience and search engines to find your insurance agency. 

4. Pay Attention to Online Review Sites

Similar to online directories, review sites can also be a valuable insurance agency marketing tool. For example, claiming your Yelp business listing puts you in front of millions of monthly visitors.

Remember, however, those visitors get to read and write reviews about your insurance agency, too. So if you're going to be active on a review site, you may want to monitor it closely. When a critique appears, you may want to:

  • Talk to the agents who worked with the client.
  • Decide on how the situation should be handled.
  • Adjust your customer service policy accordingly.
  • Post a response to say the situation is being addressed.
  • Contact the client privately.

The takeaway: People may have already posted online reviews about your agency, so it's probably a good idea to protect your reputation. See "Want More Clients to Find You? Try This New Website" for more pointers.