Building Stronger Businesses
The Insurance Agent's Guide to Insuring Construction and Contracting Professionals

Introduction: Why Insuring Construction Professionals Is Good Business

The housing market is rebounding, and that means construction and contracting industries are bouncing back, too. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of the professions in this class should see faster-than-average growth in the next decade.

The growth in this industry represents a business opportunity for your insurance agency, as long as you know how to get contractors sufficient coverage. If you’re unfamiliar with construction classes, don’t abandon hope. Let this eBook be your guide. In it, you’ll discover…

  • The basic polices construction professionals and contractors require.
  • Advice for avoiding classification errors.
  • Questions to help you learn more about the specific classes in the industry.
  • Information about unique coverages for certain professions (e.g., License and Permit Bonds, Builder’s Risk Insurance, and Contractor’s Equipment Insurance).

Knowing the industry makes placing construction risks easier, but so does working with Insureon Solutions. Combine this guide with the efficiency of our insurance technology and universal application to get accurate quotes for your contractor clients in minutes.