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An Agent's Guide to Insuring the Allied Health Class

An Introduction to Insurance for Allied Health Professionals

Whether they call it Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, most people agree that healthcare reform means job growth for the allied health sector. The demand for physicians, psychologists, and technicians should increase as the nearly 34 million previously uninsured Americans find coverage. In fact, Georgetown University's Center for Education and the Workforce report predicts that by 2020…

  • Allied health businesses will be 20 percent of the US economy.
  • Total expenditures on healthcare will reach $3.1 trillion.
  • The total number of healthcare workers will need to increase by 30 percent.

Allied health, a term introduced in the ACA, encompasses most health and wellness occupations, including …

  • Acupuncturists.
  • Doctors.
  • Mental health practitioners.
  • Medical billers.
  • Personal trainers.
  • Dietitians
  • Health educators.

As you can see, the industry is diverse, so figuring out appropriate insurance can be tricky. Malpractice Insurance for doctors might be a no-brainer, but what about insurance for nurses? Is there Professional Liability Insurance for massage therapists? Does a medical spa count as a healthcare business?

This eBook is designed to help you figure out the answers to these questions and others you might have about insurance for healthcare providers. In this guide, you'll discover…

  • Which basic commercial insurance policies protect allied health professionals.
  • The common exposures that occupations face.
  • Which business practices that can make finding coverage difficult.
  • Predicted growth trajectories for specific industries.

Chances are, new health and wellness businesses are popping up in your area. This guide can help you confidently target the market and grow your insurance agency.