How to Place Risk without ACORD Forms

Insurance agents typically need to complete multiple pages of ACORD forms to provide the best quotes for their clients. But these forms can be complex and tiresome to fill out. Not to mention, any mistakes usually increases the wait time for accurate quotes. And the longer a client waits, the more likely they are to try the insurance agent down the street.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could skip ACORD forms altogether? That's one of the benefits of joining Insureon Solutions. Our client management system has just one application. Fill it out and it's submitted to all available carriers automatically.

That's just one of the reasons to join. Get the rest in "Why Insureon Solutions."

ACORD Forms Slow Agents Down

Insurance carriers use ACORD forms to gather the information they need to assess a risk. Getting that information right usually means more accurate quotes for your client.

But for agents, ACORD forms are a source of stress. Why? Because they usually involves…

  • Attaching supporting documentation.
  • Explaining missing information.
  • Filling out supplemental forms for different business classes.
  • Submitting information manually.

Even when you have all the details you need on hand, ACORD forms can be a hassle because you have to submit a new set for every insurer you want to quote. That's a lot of time spent on paperwork that could have been used to sell insurance.

Quote Risks Faster with Client Management Software

It doesn’t have to be this difficult. Using the right client management system can help independent insurance agents quickly find the right coverage for their clients. With Insureon Solutions’ client management system, you can…

  • Fill out less paperwork. Using our single application, you can quote risks without filling out stacks of documents.
  • Quote based on specific risks. No matter what your specialty is, Insureon Solutions’ universal application walks users through the application process and asks questions based on their niche.
  • Submit documentation to multiple carriers quickly. No need to fill out mountains of paperwork and attach additional documents and supplemental forms for different insurers. Use our universal application to send information to multiple carriers simultaneously and get quotes in minutes.

Bonus Benefits of Using Client Management Software

Yes, using our universal application saves you a lot of time and energy. But there are more perks to skipping the mountains of documents. When independent insurance agents take advantage of our top-notch technology, they can…

  • Save money by skipping direct appointments. Direct appointments are helpful for agents who want to access top carriers, but they take time to get. Our application cuts down on the wait time for quotes from desirable insurers. (For more information on avoiding direct appointments, see “Alternatives to Direct Appointments for Independent Insurance Agents.”
  • Access our experts when they have questions. Need help? Insureon Solutions members can access our live chat feature during the application process.
  • Keep new and old client data in one spot. Our client management system lets agents import existing client data into the platform and add new client data to it.
  • Organize tasks. Our software notifies agents when applications are incomplete, when policies are up for renewal, and other key tasks to make sure you don’t miss revenue opportunities.
  • Feeling more confident when issuing quotes. Our interactive application makes sure you don’t make costly mistakes. And with quotes from various, top-rated carriers, you can put your best foot−and the best quotes−forward.

Independent insurance agents have a lot going on. Skip the time-consuming ACORD forms and direct appointments. Here’s more information on how our client management software can streamline your operations.