Alternatives to Direct Appointments for Independent Insurance Agents

Direct appointments are an independent insurance agent’s bread and butter. After all, a direct appointment—especially one with a top-rated carrier—gives you access to the insurance products that can help you build your book of business.

But top-rated carriers don’t want just anybody selling their products. Most insurance carriers have very strict requirements that independent agents must fulfill before being appointed. Meeting those standards can be particularly difficult for new agents who are trying to build up their clientele.

The good news is you don’t have to rely on direct appointments to get your clients the quality insurance products they need. Let's examine what you need to get a direct appointment, and then explore an alternative that doesn’t put a strain on your time or bank account.

Requirements for Direct Appointments

An ideal situation for your agency may be to have direct appointments with a variety of established providers that carry competitive products. But many top carriers require you to jump through a few hoops before you’re appointed.  For example, most insurers want to appoint agencies with:

  • A track record of successful sales and marketing.
  • A desirable marketing territory for their products.
  • A solid business model.

In return for the appointment, insurance agents will request...

  • A long-term commitment
  • A guarantee of production.

Seems simple enough, right? Why would a preferred insurance company invest in a poorly run agency in a place with little demand for its products?  Moreover, why would you want to peddle policies that weren’t right for the businesses in your area?

The problem shows up in that first requirement. Some providers want to see years of successful sales before they grant an appointment. Plus almost all providers have minimum production requirements, which is why new or small agencies struggle to get direct appointments.

Even established independent agents struggle to achieve the large volume required by carriers. Quotas aside, the process of getting an appointment can take a month to complete. That’s a month you could have been selling insurance rather than waiting for access.

Get Direct Appointment Benefits without the Requirements

What if there was a way to immediately access multiple carriers without meeting all of those tough requirements? When you join Insureon Solutions, your membership cuts through the red tape. Insureon Solutions maintains direct appointments with a variety of top-rated carriers so you don’t have to. This comes with a few lucrative benefits:

  • Save money. A single direct appointment can cost hundreds of dollars. The more appointments you have the more it's going to cost you.  With Insureon Solutions, you get instant access to top providers without the extra costs.
  • Avoid the minimum production requirement. We maintain the appointments, which means we handle the minimum production issue. Whether you have one business client or 100, you can focus on them without making a major commitment.
  • Build your business. Waiting for direct appointments slows down your sales cycle. Our insurance technology allows you to get accurate and competitive quotes to your clients within minutes of submitting a single application.

Ready to bypass direct appoints and quote top carriers? You can join Insureon Solutions today.