Client Management Software for Small Insurance Agencies

As the owner of an independent insurance agency, your day is packed with paperwork. And each piece of paper you touch is important to your client and your bottom line. Keeping track of all the requests was probably a lot easier when you were just starting out, but now you’d need to be an octopus to handle all the paper coming your way. How are you supposed to service your existing clients and prospect new ones?

Many small insurance agencies use client management software to help them keep their business organized. The right system will streamline your workflow and minimize double entries, saving you time and money.

What to Look for in a Client Management System

Client management systems give your producers a single location to take care of most of their day-to-day tasks. At the most basic, you want your client management software to…

  • Manage applications.
  • Bind deals.
  • Service existing policies.
  • Track prospects.

Once the basics are covered, you may also want to weigh other factors, such as…

  • Ease of use. A system with a user-friendly customer interface is much more valuable to your agency. Your agents will be more likely to investigate and use features when they find the software easy to navigate. That can pay off in the long run, too. Read "How to Boost Customer Service with an Agency Management System" to learn more.
  • Speed of use. Let's say you have two client management systems in front of you. One takes fifteen keystrokes to input information where the other one only needed five. Which system doyou choose? It might seem nitpicky, but that greater efficiency means your agents can spend more time prospecting clients.
  • Degree of automation. Having computers is not the same as being automated. Automation implies a level of integration that simplifies your workflow. For example, a more automated client management system allows agents to access client data, complete ACORD forms, and track contacts all in one place.

The Insureon Solutions Difference

Insureon Solutions members get some of the best client management software around. In addition to having 24/7 access to an easy-to-use online portal where you can manage all of your clients, Insureon Solutions lets you…

  • Apply to multiple quality providers. No longer will you need to fill out application after application. Insureon Solutions saves you time by marketing your client’s risk to all available carriers within minutes of completing a single application. (Related reading: "How to Place Risk without ACORD Forms.")
  • Minimize errors. Our interactive technology helps you avoid misclassifications, which means you’ll spend less time resubmitting applications and get more accurate quotes for your clients. Plus we have a dedicated team of experience underwriters that you can contact when you need a consultation.
  • Transfer prior business. We make transferring your existing risks to Insurance Noodle’s client management system easy. Risks placed with our platform carriers through other wholesalers or intermediaries can be relocated to our dashboard so you have one place to find all of y our clients.
  • Record client contacts. Keeping track of current and potential clients is one key way to maximize your selling opportunities. Insureon Solutions' client management system helps organize your book of business by automatically creating a record with every new quote.

Time is money. Let Insureon Solutions' client management software save you both. Contact us at 888-466-8868 or [email protected] to learn how our system makes your life easier.