Finding an Insurance Agency Management System that Works

Have you ever watched a juggler in the circus? They start with one, maybe two balls, and it’s pretty easy for them to keep everything moving. But then they add another ball…and another…and another.

That's what it's like to run an independent insurance agency. You have a lot of clients to juggle, and each client has a unique need, an imminent deadline, or a new request. Miss one, and your whole business comes crashing to the ground.

An agency management system, like the one offered by Insureon Solutions, can make tracking your potential and current clients much easier. Let's investigate the features you should look for when determining which software that works best for your business.

What to Look for in an Insurance Agency Management System

As your agency grows, finding agency management software becomes increasingly important. You'll want a system that helps you retain your current customers and assists you in finding new ones. In general, that means you'll want insurance software that:

An Insureon Solutions membership includes 24/7 access to an agency management system that does all three. Through our user-friendly online portal, members can:

  • Manage all clients in one place. Trying to manually track clients can be a nightmare. Whether you need to access client data to request an endorsement or you want to find the right form for a binder, having everything in one location can minimize your stress.
  • Apply to multiple carriers. Insureon Solutions has a single universal application. You fill out your client’s information just one time and our powerful software ships it to all available carriers. Within minutes, you’ll get accurate quotes from top providers.
  • Track potential clients. You don't want to lose a sale because you lost a potential customer's information. Every new quote automatically generates and saves a new client record so you never have to worry about missed opportunities.
  • Service current policies. Clients can go for weeks and not need a thing for you. But when they finally do call you, they want their needs met immediately. All of a sudden, you're turning somersaults trying to get the right form with the right information to the right carrier. Insureon Solutions streamlines this process by organizing everything you need in one place.
  • Transfer prior business. Your existing risks can be merged to Insureon Solutions' agency management system. Even if you placed those risks through other wholesalers or intermediaries, Insureon Solutions lets you relocate any current business with our platform carriers to your system.
  • Consult with insurance underwriter. The Insureon Solutions Team is comprised of dedicated and experienced insurance professionals who are happy to be your second set of eyes on your most complicated classifications.

The right agency management software can actually make your workday better.Find out more by calling Insureon Solutions at 888-466-8868 or email [email protected].