Selling Insurance on Social Media

Selling Insurance on Social Media

Tuesday, May 23, 2017/Marketing

Independent insurance agents increasingly use social media to reach potential clients, according to the 2016 Agency Universe Study. About 56 percent of agencies added social media and digital marketing to their 2015 outreach strategy, a significant jump from 48 percent in 2013. Of all the platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn are used the most often, but about 9 percent of agencies use Google+ “often” and 6 percent use Twitter "often," the study found.

With the potential to reach millions of prospects, social media presents a huge marketing opportunity for independent agents. Here are some ways to capitalize on it.

Create Content that Connects

Social media is more than a place to advertise your business. Consumers expect to have conversations with the brands they care about. But to build that relationship, agents have to produce engaging content that truly connects with their audience. These ideas can help you market insurance products on social media:

  • Introduce yourself and your employees. Using Facebook or Instagram, post mini-profiles of you and your agents. Tell potential clients about your insurance experience and services.
  • Post small business- or insurance-related articles and events. Engage prospects by sharing articles and events that may be of interest to them.
  • Share your knowledge. Write LinkedIn posts that show your expertise in a particular niche and share them with your network.

Post are more valuable when people click on them. See how to improve that chance in "How to Write Clickable Posts for Your Insurance Agency's Blog."

Simplify Your Promotion

Marketing your insurance agency on social media probably seems like just one more item to add to your ever-growing to-do list. Luckily, there are things you can do to make it easier:

  • Use social media management software. Hootsuite and Buffer offer free plans that are ideal for one-person operations. Schedule post around holidays, events, or news related to your agency’s niche in advance.
  • Buy ads on social media. Social media lets you target your ideal customer. For instance, Facebook advertisers can market to specific demographics, format their ads, and track their performance. (See our post "How to Market Your Independent Insurance Agency Online" for more pointers.
  • Connecting with influencers. A mention from them can boost your brand. Start by identifying the publications, blogs, or social media personalities with a big following and engaging with them online. You might want to retweet their posts or even pitch a guest blog.

Leverage Social Media Networks for Leads

So how exactly do you turn posts into profits? Try these techniques:

  • Contact the decision makers. Use LinkedIn Premium to bypass the gatekeepers and connect directly to the people tasked with getting coverage.
  • Track brand mentions. Do you know who’s talking about your agency online? If not, you might miss out on sales. Use your social media management software to monitor conversations about your brand.
  • Create a contest. Contests usually bring a lot of attention to your social media pages. Plus, you can collect email addresses from freebie seekers who may need your services later. Just be sure you check your state's regulations before you design your contest. (After you get addresses, read "Email Marketing Tips for Your Independent Insurance Agency" for more ideas.

    Social media is an invaluable, inexpensive way to connect with clients who would've otherwise been out of reach. Get more penny-wise tips in "5 Budget Friendly Ideas for Your Independent Insurance Agency."