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How to Write Clickable Posts for Your Insurance Agency’s Blog

How to Write Clickable Posts for Your Insurance Agency’s Blog

Wednesday, August 10, 2016/Marketing

Back in the olden days – you know, the late 1990s, early 2000s – you could get away with having an insurance agency website that was little more than an electronic brochure. But now that the web is interactive, clients expect more from a website. Here's how you can get their attention with your blog.

Why Your Independent Insurance Agency Needs a Blog

Before you roll your eyes, let’s acknowledge that blogs are not just for millennials. (Related: "Keep Your Agency Alive: Hire Millennials.”)

Whether blogging about insurance sounds like an exciting opportunity to engage your clients or a nightmare coming back from your freshman composition class, the fact remains that it is good for your agency.

Why? Blogging can…

  • Increase traffic to your site. Fresh content can boost your ranking, and that makes it easier for new clients to find you.
  • Give you something to tweet about. Sharing your latest blog on social media exposes your agency to a new set of eyes.
  • Establish your credibility. Prospects turn to the Internet with questions. If you’re the one providing the answers, there’s a good chance they’ll trust you enough to do business with you.
  • Nurture current clients. If you regularly offer educational content, your clients have more reasons to periodically touch base.

Blogs can do all of these things, but they are most helpful when prospects and clients actually read them. So let's look at how you can write posts that readers can't resist.

What to Include in Your Insurance Agency Blog

The web is full of advice on how to make a blog that helps your search-engine rankings (example: check out these pointers from the SEO consulting company Moz). However, even articles geared toward beginners can be overwhelming. That doesn't make blogging impossible – it just means you may want to simplify when you get started.

To start, you may want to:

  • Identify a good topic. If you answer the same question again and again, consider writing a blog about that question. Chances are there's an audience for it.
  • Pick your keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that a search engine uses to match your content to what people are searching for. This primer from Moz can help you find keywords for your agency.
  • Keep your keywords in mind as you address your audience's concerns. This may be the trickiest part because you want to use the keywords but still communicate clearly. A good rule of thumb is to choose relevant information over hitting all your keywords.

Consumers want information so they can make smart purchases, so a blog that answers their questions can help turn leads into binds.

A Few Examples for Your Insurance Agency Blog

While good content reigns supreme, it doesn't hurt to have blog post titles that people want to click. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • 5 Ways to Save on Homeowner's Insurance. Every client wants to get a good deal, so a post that gives them the inside scoop can position you as a trustworthy advisor. Not selling Homeowner's Insurance? Doesn't matter. Fill in that spot with the policy you want to promote.
  • Commercial Property: You Can't Take It with You. Small-business owners seldom realize that their Commercial Property Insurance is tied to the address on their policy, but some businesses require mobility. Warn your clients in industries like construction and catering about the gap and give tips on how to cover it.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance and Professional Liability: What's the Difference? The difference between E&O Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance may seem obvious to you, but it might not be so obvious to small-business owners.

Your options for useful content increase when you start thinking about risk management, too. See "Insurance Agents: Help Clients Weather Wintry Roads."