3 Ways to Keep Your Insurance Agency Organized this Year

3 Ways to Keep Your Insurance Agency Organized this Year

Thursday, January 14, 2016/Insureon Solutions, News, Industry Tips

January is Get Organized Month, an event sponsored by the National Association of Professional Organizers since 2005. Perhaps commemorating the occasion isn’t high on your list of concerns, but getting organized should be if you want to reduce work errors and keep your agency running like a well-oiled machine.

Here are three ways to get started.

1. Ditch Your Plan-As-You-Go Strategy

If you’re like most small-business owners, you probably start your days with the best of intentions. You get in early, grab a cup of coffee, and write a to-do list before other agents have even showered. But if you’re really like most business owners, that to-do list is long forgotten by 10 a.m. on a good day.

In all honesty, losing track of your daily plan probably wouldn’t matter nearly as much if you had your sights set on the big picture. Take time in January to establish production goals for your agency, and then create an action plan that establishes…

  • The tasks required to achieve each goal.
  • The people responsible for each task.
  • Periodic check-in dates.
  • Quarterly deadlines.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to loop in customer service representatives. As Insurance Journal explains, CSRs can impact renewal ratios and new production, so giving them production-driven goals can benefit your agency.

2. Track Your Workflow on an Agency-Wide Calendar

It’s not enough to set goals. If it were, everyone could stop dieting right now. So if you really want to reach a goal, you have to track your efforts.

For your agency, that might mean creating a project management calendar that allows you to:

  • View current projects.
  • Reassign clients.
  • Set staff schedules.
  • Establish project milestones.
  • Check off each task as it’s completed.
  • Record binds and renewals.

Making your project calendar accessible to all agents gives them the opportunity to provide insights based on their own expertise. The best part? You can purchase project management software, but there are also plenty of free systems that may suit your agency. The software browsing site Capterra reviews 10 free and open-source programs that may just fit the bill, or you could investigate ways people use Google Docs for project management.

3. Cut Down on Your Paperwork

Look at your desk right now. Are there piles insurance applications and policy requests? Folders with private client information? Little scraps of paper to remind you of your next meeting? Chances are you have fallen for one of the greatest lies ever told: "A messy desk is the sign of a brilliant mind."

Nothing clutters up an insurance agency like paper. Worse? You may be courting some serious trouble by leaving client data out in the open.

In a lot of ways, paperwork is the name of the game, but technology makes physical copies of that paperwork a lot less necessary. Take, for example, Insureon Solutions’s portal and agency management system. Our portal includes an online application, which means less paper in your office. Additionally, the agency management software…

  • Automatically creates digital records.
  • Stores client data.
  • Tracks prospects.

Organization is more than just making your agency pretty; it’s about making it efficient. Use these tips and your agency management software to get your act together. And if you’re looking for more resolutions, try “Steal These Ideas for 20-25% Better Performance at Your Insurance Agency.”