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3 Email Marketing Tips for Your Independent Insurance Agency

3 Email Marketing Tips for Your Independent Insurance Agency

Tuesday, March 7, 2017/Marketing

Some insurance agency owners shy away from email marketing, assuming it's an outdated strategy. But before you join their ranks, you may want to note that 59 percent of B2B marketers claim email is the most effective channel for generating revenue, according to Business 2 Community.

If done well, email marketing is an effective way to convert leads and maintain relationships. Here are five tips on how to market your insurance agency with email.

1. Write Good Subject Lines (and Test Them)

Like we said, email marketing can bring prospects into your book, but it won't if they automatically click delete. So your first goal is to create a catchy subject line that gets them to open the email. Generally, that means you want to:

  • State the value. Make sure you give your clients a reason to open your emails. For example, are you thanking them for a referral? Reminding them of an upcoming renewal? Tell them what benefit is inside so they have a reason to look.
  • Be concise. Even though you're trying to be specific, long subject lines can be off-putting. Worse, they might not be mobile-friendly. (For more on the importance of mobile optimization, read "Study: If Your Website's Not Mobile, You're Missing Sales.")
  • Personalize the message. Some email marketing platforms let you include the recipient's name or location in the subject lines. Personalization like that can increase the number of people who open the email.
  • Put a name in the "from" field. An email from an unnamed source is impersonal and can look suspicious. Use either your name or your agency's name as the sender.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for writing clickable subject lines. But you can get a sense of what works for your market with A/B testing. That means you split your email list in two, send each group a different subject line, and compare which subject line generates more opens. The Kissmetrics blog has more details.

Bonus tip: Attention-grabbing headlines are important for your blog, too. Get tips in "How to Write Clickable Posts for Your Insurance Agency's Blog."

2. Focus Your Message on Help, Not Sales

Email marketing is not about making an immediate sale. Sure, you hope that the effort you put in turns into a bind down the road. But your first goal is to show your clients that you add value to their business. Think about what they may need and address that in the emails. For example, you may want to:

  • Send your Commercial Auto clients safe driving tips.
  • Explain the difference between first- and third-person Cyber Liability Insurance to IT professionals.
  • Show commercial prospects how much they can save with a Business Owner's Policy.

If the message isn't useful, your emails may just be an annoyance, so be sure each touch is valuable.

Bonus tip: Small-business owners tend to worry about money, but they also know that price isn't the only thing that matters. See how you can pitch your worth in "Independent Insurance Agents: Think 'Value,' not 'Price.'"

3. Segment Your Lists

In the first tip, we discussed personalizing your email. In the second, we suggested tailoring your message to particular groups of clients. So the suggestion to segment your email list probably isn't a surprise. You want to know, in general, who you're emailing so you can craft a message that truly suits them. As an independent agent, you may want segment your list so you can target…

How you split your list is up to you. Simply look at the opportunities in front of you and create a message that leverages them.

For example, say you read the article "Get Ready to Rake It In with Landscapers Insurance," and you want to take advantage of the 65 percent quote rate through Insureon Solutions. You could target your landscaping business leads or you could market your referral program to businesses you know hire lawn care specialists. Either way, be sure to track your success so you can sharpen your plan.

Bonus tip: The sky's the limit when it comes to setting up an email campaign. Independent insurance agents have used them to cross-sell, say thank you, and send reminders. But the main benefit for you is that it gives your clients the interaction they want. Read more in "Study: Interaction Is Most Important for Client Satisfaction."