The Real Rewards Cash Card

You already sell insurance. Now you can earn a bonus for your hard work. Sign up for the Real Reward Cash Card and get an extra $10 for every new bind.

What is the Real Reward Cash Card?

The Real Rewards Cash Card is our way of saying thanks. You bind new business, and we deposit $10 onto your card. The Cash Card works like any other debit card so you can use it wherever you normally shop.

How Does It Work?

Want extra cash? Here’s what to do…

  1. Register for the Real Cash Rewards Cash Card. (The bank will need some personal information).
  2. Sell insurance and bind new policies.
  3. Get a Real Rewards Cash Card preloaded with $10 after your second bind.
  4. Collect $10 on your card with each subsequent bind.

It's that simple. The money is automatically loaded to your card. All you have to do is bind policies through Insureon Solutions. We take care of the rest.

When Do I Get Paid?

You get your Real Rewards Cash Card preloaded with you $10 bonus after your second bind. Bonuses are automatically uploaded for every subsequent bind.

More Information

  • This is a bank-issued debit card. The bank needs your social security number and birth date to set up your account. Insureon Solutions does not have access to your private information.
  • You’re not limited to one store. Spend the money on your Real Rewards Cash Card any way and any place you like.
  • Verify your home or business address in the Real Rewards login portal, so we can send the card to the right place.
  • Keep tabs on who has a debit card. Let us know if an agent leaves your agency so we can update the credentials on our end.
  • If you lose your Real Rewards Cash Card or have any additional questions, contact the program coordinator: [email protected]

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