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Our History

Created by Insurance Agents, for Insurance Agents

“What markets do I need and how can I access them?”

“How can I make my workflow more efficient?”

“How can I build my book?”

If you’re an independent insurance agent or part of a small agency, you probably ask yourself these questions all the time. And you're not alone. A group of agents had similar issues so they teamed up to create a platform that streamlines agency management tasks, provides access to top carriers, and helps agents sell insurance. Their creation: Insureon Solutions.

Only independent agents understand the unique pressures of starting and growing an insurance agency − problems like balancing the work of finding new clients and placing risks while trying to access carriers. Now independent agents can access top-rated insurers without the burden of production quotas and track their business all in one place.

Originally launched as Insurance Noodle, Insureon Solutions has spent years supporting agents. Here's how: 

Innovation that Makes Running Your Agency Easier

2000 – Insurance Noodle is launched. As the industry's first multi-carrier online application, Noodle connects thousands of agents with the products they need.

2005 – Insurance Noodle adds the real-time ratings feature. Members see a distinct improvement in quoting speeds.

2007 – The Willis Group acquires Insurance Noodle. The Willis acquisition provides the necessary support for modernizing Noodle's systems, processes, and distribution methods. Willis’ size and reputation allowed Insurance Noodle to partner with larger companies, broadening its carrier portfolio and access to otherwise unattainable corporate resources.

2012 – Insurance Noodle introduces access to personal line products. This helps us reach $30 million in premium in 2013.

2014 – Insureon, the nation's leading online agency for small business insurance, acquires Insurance Noodle. The sale allows Noodle to use Insureon's proprietary software to simplify the application process.

2017 –Insurance Noodle becomes Insureon Solutions. The updated platform and pricing structure gives members a more affordable option for accessing insurance products without losing any of the services or speed they're accustom to.  

How Insureon Solutions Can Transform Your Agency

Insureon Solutions provides four game-changing resources that give you the power to effectively run your agency:

  • Access to products for more than 1,000 classes in 48 states, written by A-rated carriers. This means you can find trusted coverage for nearly any client that comes your way.
  • Cloud-based agency management software that lets you keep track of every account (for servicing, endorsing, renewing and more) from one online dashboard.
  • Human support via phone, email, and online chat so you can get your questions answered and your clients covered quickly.
  • Educational and support materials on many of the classes and products we offer to keep you informed about new policies and new risks so you don’t overlook a growth opportunity.

Everything within the Insureon Solutions is available to every licensed agent in your agency for the cost of the single membership. Sign up today, and start building your business today!